November 28, 2023


Safe technology

Data Protection on Peripherals: Connecting Safely

2 min read

Today’s information world requires a high degree of data security, especially when working with peripheral devices. More and more often, attacks on information are carried out through vulnerabilities in connected devices. In this article we will consider how to ensure data security when using peripheral devices and prevent possible information leaks.

Choose the right source

The very first step to protecting your data is to choose reliable and trusted peripheral manufacturers. Purchase from trusted vendors whose products have positive reviews and a good security reputation.

Updates and patches

Keep up to date with updates and patches for your peripherals. Manufacturers frequently release updates that address vulnerabilities and increase security. Regularly update drivers, firmware, and software associated with your devices.

Limit access

You should limit access to peripheral ports when not in use. If your computer has USB ports or other connections that are not in use, it is better to disable them. You can also use software to control access to peripheral devices.

Secure data transfer protocol

When working with peripheral devices, especially when transferring sensitive data, use secure protocols. For example, when printing or scanning documents, ensure that the data is encrypted during the transmission and storage phase.

Conduct device audits

Conduct regular audits of connected peripheral devices. Make sure that each connected device is one that you really need and that it is free of malware. Monitor activity on peripheral ports and react to any unusual events.

Protecting data when using peripheral devices is an important aspect of modern information security. Proper hardware selection, updates, access restrictions, and secure protocols can help minimize the risks of data breaches. Continued attention to these aspects and awareness of modern attack methods will help ensure the integrity and security of your data.